The land below the wind

we just went to Sabah! the timing was somehow awkwardly wrong though. we departed on tuesday while on saturday two days before, MAS announced the missing flight of MH370 , seriously it was a devastating new to all Malaysian, but our tix are bought, hotels all booked, the weather in KL was very bad with haze and everything so just went ahead packed our bags and departed to KK.

Anyways dont lose hope, lets keep praying may they recover mh370 soon, amin .

We departed very early in the morning, flight was smooth Alhamdulilillah.  I kept looking through the window somehow hoping for a glimpse of something in the ocean (at that point of time they were still speculating that the plane was lost in the south east sea. )

somewhere among the clouds it suddenly pang me that i forgot to my dslr battery from the charger . *dang . what a way to start the trip (T_T)  i had to remind myself  that we are going to solely rely on my iphone for the pics. bummer!

kids were doing ok onboard. i was nervous for layla as the last time we board a plane was during our trip to melbourne and she was still small so i could just shove my milk jug everytime she opens her mouth. lol.  i made sure everything well packed in their trunki including some jagarico (jap snack) just in case she’ll make a scene. somehow we survived the two hours flight except for the time when layla had a little meltdown when the cabin crew asked her to turn off the ipod when we were about to depart *sweat
as soon as we reached KK i was so excited to see the clear sky! compared to the dusty and hazey kl sky back home *criess
Day 1
we picked up our rental car at KKIA and started our journey straight to kudat to visit Tanjung simpang Mengayau. The trip took us about 3 hours from KK-tuaran-kota marudu- kudat , the highway up to Kudat was ok, not packed . but the road condition itself was below par. there were a lot of construction upon reaching kudat we had to drive slowly.

We checked in Ria Hotel to stretch our legs and solat before going to simpang Mengayau. fo those who never heard of Tanjung Simpang Mengayau , its actually the location of the tip of borneo . its just 20 minutes drive from Kudat town.  The scenery there was beautiful masyaAllah overlooking the south east sea

the tip of borneo!  weve been to the tip of japan before, so this time why not the tip of Malaysia ? hehe

not far from the place we found a really nice clean beach (with white sands! whats not to love???) so we decided to have a dip coz we had the place to ourselves! there were practically nobody around except for a couple of boatmen on the water. the beach was practically white, i hardly seen any waste on the beach. i just wish we came to that place earlier instead of hanging around in our room at kudat. rugi!

kids before stripped down hehe

look at the white sand! ahhh God i miss this so much

taking full advantage!

soon as it got dark , we headed back to kudat (accidently drove onto an under construction road with no road lights! sheshh) and bought some kfc for dinner. what a tiring day.

Day 2
we got up early that morning and began the drive to kundasang. We used the route kudat-kota belut-kundasang, and we stopped by at a cafe with a very nice view for a breathe of fresh air :)

layla is afraid of height, apparently! lol

breathe inn breathe outt… so freshh!

we reached kundasang at noon but continue our drive to poring, Ranau.

our next destination was Poring recreation area, used to come here when i was a kid. i hardly have any memories left about this place. all i can remember is their badly maintained hot springs .hihi

we decided not to spend time at the hot springs but opted for trekking instead. we passed by the springs and went deeper inside checking out their butterfly farm area and did a bit of trekking to visit the kepungit waterfall


Poring recreation area – entrance fee : Adult =RM3 , kids below 6(?) =free


the last girl standing, adik obviously by now clinging to papa like a koala bear. hehe
eventho the track is not that hard (totally beginner level) i was already sweating like mad and panting due to the wrong shoes i wore. haha should have put on a sneakers or something! but the fresh air full of oxygen really help so didnt feel much tired.

finally kepungit waterfall! the water is coldddd. brr

after a few minutes dip we walked back to the parking and drive to another location.

Our next destination was not far from poring, i stumbled upon a friends picture in instagram of a REAL fish spa in ranau. i decided to have a visit and try myself. The name of the place is Tagal Fish Spa, in Kg Luanti. the have a spot by the river with hundreds of fishes swimming under the shalow water where u can dip your feet (or your body!) for rm5 and let the fishes “clean” your feet.

Kerol was too overwhelmed with the number of the fishes so he chickened out. lol

it was this much! haa geli tak? as long as they are not pacat/lintah/cacing, i can handle!

which left us the bravest women of them all, me and ayra threading our feet through the school of fishes. i have to admit it was quite  ticklish when they started to nibble on my dead skin (sometimes it hurt a bit lol but it was not that bad)

adik obviously freaked out! kah kah we teased her a bit and she went crying and screaming her lungs out! kehkeh. so if youre in Ranau and  brave enough dont forget to put tagal fish spa on your place-to-visit list !

then we heard a whistle blown which meant the time’s up (the spa closes at 5pm so make sure you arrive there before that)
so we cleaned our feet and continue our drive to the last stop for the day, Sabah Tea Garden which loated few kms from kg luanti.

Again we had to drive on a very poor bumpy road on our way to reach the garden. its a no wonder why the locals here use a lot of 4wd as their main transportation. the road is very bad! i really hope they improve soon coz theres a lot of interesting places to visit here. :(

We reached Sabah tea garden not long before the sun set so the natural light at that hour was awesommeee. i cursed myself for forgetting the battery for my camera coz the view up there was Subhanallah, unbelievable ! cameron boh tea plantation was nothing compared to this!


oh loveeee… how picturesque was this!

You can see the Mount Kinabalu right infront of you from this garden MasyaAllah!

Im happy to see Ayra having a lot of fun from that trip, learning what tea tree looks like at sabah tea garden,
and where the rice came from , when we let her touch these tall paddy plants we stumbled upon right by the road on our way to Kg Luanti. :D

we left the place after the sun set down rushing back to Kundasang to check in at our next hotel.

We stayed at JResidence Kundasang, not really a hotel but more like a homestay kind of accomodation which located right across the kinabalu park. the road going to the rooms was pretty steep like 45degree down the hill (!)  the area was quite dark when we arrived so we just checked in and went to our room and unpacked.  We were too tired to go out again to buy food so we just eat some intant japanese  rice (which is really handy when ure travelling ,just submerse them in hot water for few minutes and voila-) with Brahim instant rendang. hot piping rice with rendang in a cold night, whats not to love? :D

Day 3
The next morning i stayed awake after subh hoping to watch a sunrise but unfortunately it was all foggy, could hardly see the sun. However the peacefulness of that place really awed me. its was so quiet you can hear birds chirping in the woods, while u breathe in the freshest oxygen jampacked air as much as you can.  seriously it was heaven on earth! Im glad i stumbled upon the blog that wrote a review about this place. thank you whoever you are for leading us to this gem. i promise i will come again one day insyaAllah.

how peaceful is this?
half of the room are glass walls n doors as romantic as it can be. at rm90 pernight we got more than what we bargained for.
sexy time in the bathroom! but din dare to shower at night haha
the gals are all prepped up for our next adventure:D

we dropped by at Kinabalu Park which is right across the Jresidence location to have a view of the mighty Mount of Kinabalu. I could see lots of climbers everywhere, prolly just finished their climb , looking at the time. We were at the view deck just in the nick of time before the cloud decided to cover the tip of the mountain . should have came earlier i suppose. but the weather was lovely, it was chill but sunny the perfect weather to be outdoors :D we decided to have a walk around the park and enjoyed the lovely scenery of nature

hohoho look at cheeky Layla

our next stop was Desa Dairy Farm, which is located less that 10km from kinabalu park , the main reason to visit this place was for its famous new-zealand-ish breathtaking view of cow farm with a gorgeous grass field overlooking the mountains. We arrived there in 15 minutes and it did dissapoint us :D


After enjoying the scenic view of the cows feeding on the grass, you can treat yourself with freshly packed milk or their creamiest pudding and yogurt at the cafe inside the factory.

We found out that they have some cosmos (flowers) growing at the back of the factory! feels like we’re being time-travelled to japan all of a sudden!

layla is holding a bag of fridge magnet which she refused to let go since we left the

they also have milking station at the back of the factory so if you come on time, maybe you can watch the cows being milked :D farther back of the factory theres a space where they put some cows and goat behind bars for visitors to feed them . of course we were excited to let ayra trying it out!

goodbye desa dairy, thank you for the wonderful memories!

later that afternoon we kick off our journey back to KK. we dropped by at rumah terbalik at tamparuli on our way there. no pictures coz nothing interesting there, to be honest id say its just a waste if money, huhu. i would not reccomend it if you ask me. sorry. We arrived KK around 5-ish and checked in at promenade service apartment.  the room was so-so, location among shoplots in KK town. we are not planning tu spend time in KK much so a decent apartment would do us good enuff.

Day 4

We spared the second last day of the trip for  island hopping at the tunku Abdul Rahman park.  the are few island to choose for but we opted for just two island ,  Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik.  we spend half day at Mamutik, another half at Sapi.

ok let me give you an honest review,Pulau Mamutik was such a dissappointment. or maybe my expectation was too high reading/hearing the good reviews about the island. it was poorly maintained, the water is not clean let alone clear. when we went for snorkelingwe were bitten by some tiny things of God-knows-what. eurgh totally spoiled my mood that morning so , we just spend the hours on the beach and let the kids play sand.
see ya Mamutik. will come again once youre cleaner. haha

On the afternoon the boat picked us up and transfered us to Pulau Sapi. Sapi looked crowded but i was so happy that the water was veery clean and clear! ayra was so happy swimming around with her goggles and adik was so calm that she sang Frozen songs. lol what a bliss. im so glad that we chose to drop by at Mamutik first so we had extra time at Sapi instead of the other way around. :)
makcik, tepi sikit! lol

always the happiest around water!
always the happiest around FOOD! haha
finally the much awaited family photo. *love*

Day 5
last day is always the souvenirs shopping day for us hehe. We went to Filipino Market and bought some ole-ole for the family back home. saw a lot of ikan bilis/ udang kering sold here but i didn buy any coz i have enuff stock at home , hehe.

that morning before we went out to the market, i was discussing with kerol about what were going to do on the last day in KK besides shopping, suddenly out of nowhere sepilok came from kerols mouth which got me thinkin what is sabah without orang utan, right? so i googled immediately hoping if theres any nearby zoo where we can show the kids how orang utan looks like. hehe. To my surprise i stumbled upon Rasa Ria orang utan santuary on tripadvisor which is located in tuaran, 30 minutes from KK. this is much better than a zoo! theres no way we can drive to sepilok so tuaran would do. called to make last minute booking and im glad they still have slots for afternoon session

Rasa ria Orang Utan Sanctuary and Conservation centre is managed by Shangri-La Hotel in Tuaran. its just a 20-30minutes drive from KK. We were amazed with the view around shangri-la, the room must costs around 1k pernight looking at the facilities and the private beach!. the sanctuary is inside the hotel so we had to drive around the hotel and park inside.
Shang-ri La Tuaran. i swear i did see a single malay /malaysian here. huhu only matsalehs!

they actually open two session perday which is one in the morning and the next one on the afternoon at 2. we were shown a documentary of orang hutan rehabilitation before the tour started. it only cost us rm10 per head and no charge for kids .
the screening session

We were greeted by couple of very nice ranges who then brought us to a viewing deck inside the sanctuary where we can see upclose the orang utan during their feeding session.
The orang utans are mostly the ones that have been saved by the locals and had to undergo the rehabilitation to make sure they are well and healthy before being transfered to Sepilok.
Eventhough it was just a few minutes tour , its really amazing to see the orang utans wandering around, hanging from tree to tree compare to those being encaged at the zoos which did nothing than just sitting and sleeping.
What a precious experience indeed.

one hour later, we bid good bye to tuaran, and drived straight to KKIA before departing back to KL.
Sabah indeed is a very nice place to visit especially if you have kids. I believe Ayra learned a lot about nature while we were there.

One thing i noticed and loved most about sabah was how nice and thoughtful the locals were! seriously they make u feel like youre home instantly.

be it some stranger who we bumped into at the elevator and said hi to the kids (we rarely have this in KL haha),
or the gal at the mart who offered extra plastic bag when ayra spilt her milo from kfc.
or even the boat guy who made the call when we mistakenly got off the wrong island during our island hopping.
Thank you for the kindness. we shall visit you again, kalau ada rezeki insyaAllah :D



Japan Honeymoon Trip

this blog is turning into travelog already haha. seriously i dont feel like updating about kids anymore here. lets just leave it to instagram to do that! :D

My husband and I, ever since ayra was born we made a promise , to return to japan one day, just a two of us. reminiscing our good ol carefree days, the country where we first met each other and fell in love .:)

so long story short hubby had a conference in Tokyo during autumn last year so, i decided this was it, layla has weaned off, mom is retired, and i couldnt find any other reason not to tag along!  so my mom agreed to look after the minions while we were gone, (can you imagine how excited and nervous i was to leave the kids for the first time, for a week! ive never been away from my kids for such a long time! and mom has Ari , the maid to help her taking care of the kids so i told myself just to let it go.

omg i had a blast, travelling with husband without the kids , i had the time of my life! no chaos, no dirty diapers, no picky eaters , no whining no tantrum. hahaha awesomeee. (but of course we miss them like A LOT. we couldnt stop thinking about them all the time. ayra dah makan ke a? layla boleh tido ke a n what not.

First stop on the first day we arrived there was asakusa, (coz kerols friend was tagging along (for the conference) so we decided to play tour guide for the day. hehe)

first dessert! yummo

then we walked to sky tree, coz this is my first time seeing it since its first built.

and visited ueno kouen before heading to our hotel to check in

the next few days i just spent my time going around tokyo coz kerol was busy with his conference so didn really take picture much.

on the fourth day we decided to visit nikko

nikko was the same ol nikko, breathtakingly beautiful in autumn, as always. enjoy the pics

the famous ryuzu fall

i notice that the viewing deck has been refurbished, it looked sturdier and bigger compare to my last visit.

we had three version of this pic, before married, married with one kid and the last one married with two kids version. haha. maybe i should dig up my old photos and compare the kgs gained along the way. lol

autumn is definitely my most favourite season of all..never get bored of it.

then we walked a bit to lake chuzenji, another breathtaking view


eventhou our timing was a tad too late, Alhamdulillah the were still maple tree leaves that is in their peak red color left for us to shoot/

i remembered Ayra used to walked here and tripped herself when we came here last time . ahh sweet memories

the pic i love most :)

on our way back, down the hills

The next morning kerol went to a robot exhibition , so i had the time to myself again. i took the time to shop! Went to kappabashi dougugai to buy kitchentools that ive been eyeing since last time but didnt have enuff time and luggage space  for them. what more we were traveling with an infant and a toddler, nak belek pun susah! this time was my revenge! haha

kappabashi douri- heaven for kitchentool / kitchenware hoarders like me!

din take pics much coz iwas too busy hauling stuffs! hehe

then i headed to nippori for my fabric restocks .ngeee

if you have any chance to visit nippori, head to tomato, among the biggest fabric shop there with cheapest price. but we warned, payment must be made with cash! no cc huhu

i must be the luckiest gal dat day to find the last pieces of these prints charming fabrics. dekat oz pun tak jumpa ok! woohoo syukurr

stopped by at ueno before i went back to our hotel in Shinjuku to find some tidbids for the kids when i found this ! makan duluuu omnomnom

On the second last day, i paid a visit to Lin place at yokohama and spent some time with her daughters (which made me really miss my kids! huhu)

later dat evening i reunited with hubby and we spent our time together doing some shopping.

We spent our last day doing another last minute shopping and went for sushi date at ueno with dr mastura who just finished her phd study yeay! and since we had a little time left we even went to karaoke for ol time sake! haha it was fun eventhough we ony managed to sing for 1 hour coz we had to rush to the airport to catch our flight back to kl that night.

DUring our stay in japan, we had been skyping with the kids a lot , and we we asked what was the activity they were doin while we were away , i recieved this pic from my brother.

my mom the coolest! no wonder Layla din miss me at all!! LOL

dear mom, dad , ari and little brothers, thank you for keeping the kids occupied while we were gone.

dear huzband, we should do this again sometime! haha

Melbourne Trip

Wow has it been that long? still figuring out where my blogging mojo went.

Anyways, ive been bugged by some friends to blog about our not-so-recent Melbourne trip in May 2013 so here it goes

We arrived Melbourne on a very  cold morning and the kids especially the eldest one was very excited despite the long hours of flight. the last time we went to Oz was years ago when Ayra was still 10months young, cant even walk yet! so this time with the addition with a new family member , everyone was thrilled!

hubby’s uncle picked us up and we we stopped by at dfo to have some breakfast . didn shop for anything there (which i regretted till today) coz everyone is just too mamai n tired from the flight.

Luckily his uncle is an Australian citizen so we get to stay at his guest apartment at cbd during the whole trip syukur Alhamdulillah.

we were just lazying aroung trying to get some rest so nothing much were done on the first day.




the only pic we had that night, had to take this coz paparich in oz man, where got? haha jakun over.

the next morning i went to pickup the car by myself while hubby stayed with the kids coz its just to hassle to bring everyone and the carseat on the tram, so i might as well drive and pick them up at the apartment later. (its compulsary to have carseat installed in your rental car if you have kids. i found cheap option 20aud for one week use here compared to if renting it from the car rental.

our first destination was the Great Ocean Road (GOR) .we departed quite late from our aparment and our final destination is the Twelve Apostles, so by the time we reached there its already almost dark. so if u are planning to visit twelve apostle from melbourne cbd, you have to plan your journey early. some says its better to start your trip at 6am.  we left the town at around 930 am so that was why. Nevertheless the view along the road was freakin breathtakingly ah-ma-zingg!! MasyaAllah.  Eventhough the weather was not on our side (it was drizzling on and off the whole day) .I can imagine how beautiful it is in summer . nak pergi lagi!

here are some pics along GOR



the sun came our for a bit so we stopped by for a while, letting the kiddos have fun chasing each other near the beach .love this!


si gendut LL. geram budak nih . love this jacket from old navy . tq auntie saf for helping mommy to get this!

hats from @okinokiyo!


The Twelve Apostles . Subhanallah. we arrived there just before sunset so it was indeed a beautiful sight. the only downside was its darn cold! we were shivering like crazy! haha

somewhere near the apostles

our place to stay for the night. we opted to stay at GOR coz i know hubby must be very tired from the long drive. We stayed at Angelas Guest House which was a very lovely place to stay and its just right across a beach you can actually hear the sound of the waves at night .


so cozy and comfy. the kids slept soundly that nite.


this is just right across the road in front of our guest house. Layla went Sheep! sheep! so excited upon seeing them for the first time in her life . hihi

The next morning we were on the road again . there were so many beautiful spots along GOR so we stopped by a few times .

a beautiful pier at Lorne.


the sun was out for a while so we spent some time ‘sunbathing’  :D and chasing the cuckatoos !

We didnt drive back straight to the Melbourne city, instead, we head up to Ballarat to visit a wildlife farm to let the kids mingle around with kangaroos!

i dont remember what this animal is called haha

Ayra’s first time feeding kangaroo, way to go gal!


hahah couldnt figure out why lol

The next morning we woke up early to get ready for a trip to Phillip island.  Phillip Island a tourist island where you can do lots of activity there, but of course each attraction is not free. they have tour packages u can buy at the information center so you can choose where you want to go n pay. we opted for churchill island heritage farm (love it!), koala conserv center and the penguin parade tour package .


somewhere upon reaching the Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

way to go ayra!



you can see some animals upclose in this farm , the kids were very ‘thrilled’! lol




Later we went to Koala Conservation Center, but most of the koala were sleeping up on the tree so we didnt get to touch any


so adowable..



our last stop was The Nobbies, righ before we rushed to the penguin center to watch the penguin parade. no picture of the penguins tho coz cameras are prohibited,


This was a picture of us , at the deck waiting for the penguins. personally i dont think its worth the amount that we had to pay for this show. not everyone gets to see them closely,. so this was so-so. (plus i forgot to wear my lenses so i had to ask kerol over n over again if the penguins are there yet hahaha sengal)

The next morning we went to the enchanted maze garden , whis is located at Mornington Peninsular


the main reason i wanted to go to this maze if becoz of this awesome slide!! we went up and down over and over again even though it was drizzling lightly . we had to stop after 10+ th time coz we are just too tired to carry the kids up the hill each time.-the only thing that prevented me from sliding zillion times more haha.

this place i think by far the best place to spend with kids from all the places we visit in Melbourne. it has various maze for kids to try and seems like they really enjoy it!


the splendid view of mornington peningsular

later on our way back to melbourne city we stopped by at a Brighton beach, quite famous for its colorful beach huts. the kids had some ice cream (pricey! ) and we had fun enjoying the view before heading back.

acting silly with her ice cream :D

i wish i have a wide lens!

on our way back

we arrived at the apartment when its already dark and every one was so tired.

On the last day before the end of our holiday , we decided to spend the day visiting Melbourne city. (and do some shopping) im glad we spent most of the days outside CBD coz theres nothing much insteresting in the city except for some outlet if you love shopping . .

at Queen Victoria market

on the free tram

the city

last stop, churros! (San Churro Chocolateria)

the funny thing was, while we were at melbourne, my family were also having a vacation in Australia but they were renting caravan, driving from place to place and coincidently  they arrived at Melbourne on the last night we were there, i was dying to meet them but we were all very tired and we had an early flight to catch the next morning.

Seriously i fell in love with Melbourne that i feel like migrating!  kalau ada rezeki lebih we might come back, who knows? insyaAllah, aminn

i hope you enjoyed the post!

Langkawi Trip – more than just a duty free island

The last time ive been to Langkawi was almost 12 years ago (!) during a school trip , some kem bina ilmu for f5 when i was in soksek, i can hardly remember where we went during our trip. the only thing that is left in my brain was pantai pasir hitam coz we took some pictures there and a place like kem buku or something.

often we hear about people going to langkawi mainly for shopping , corelle, visions, tefal n what not but little that i know langkawi is made of so many beautiful islands around it with endless activities for us to experience !

This trip was inspired by an entry from aida about her anniversary getaway to langkawi last year. I love the fact that we spent almost everyday enjoying water activities rather than spending money shopping, or visiting historic places which my children dont even know how to appreciate yet .

i hope this entry will somehow be a good reference for anyone out there whos planning to visit Langkawi for its beautiful nature too :D

we arrived late around 5pm-ish, and it was raining cats n dogs so nothing much we could do on the first day. Basicly we just went straight to the pool as soon as we checked into the hotel lol ( we stayed at seaview hotel in Kuah)

DAY TWO island hopping and kilim mangrove tour

We went for Island Hopping tour that morning. it was quite a bumpy boat ride but adik managed to nap during the trip. (morning nap time i suppose huhu). The first stop was Beras Basah Island. the view was MasyaAllah breathtakingly beautiful ! . We were left there for 1 hour ,so we just hung around by the beach . we didnt swim much there coz we were too busy feeding twisties to the small fishes!

remember just to wear baju basahan / swimming attire and sandals/ crocs/ flipflops during island hopping tour (if you plan to swim) coz the main activites are dipping yourself in the water! i find its very inconvenient to change clothes during the whole trip. (its possible tho but time consuming) we did bring some xtra clothes but ended up not changing at all. we went back to the hotel with the same baju (wet of course) we wore from the beginning. didnt see any proper changing room on the island too. unless you really want to look good in your picture, or u just want to enjoy the view, by all means, douzo (go on) hehe, but seriously you wont need heels / wedges there. just go tatseng!( n sunnies not to forget ur sunblock lol

see how comot i was with baju n tudung basahan :P layla was napping (n nursing, what else duh) despite the bumpy boat ride

boat ride

arrived at the island!

MasyaAllah so breathtaking, really reminds me of beaches in Krabi!

ready to rumble

feeding the little fishies with twisties ;D
adik actually berebut
with fishes for the twisties *slaps forehead.

my cheeky gal

playing sand. Layla trying to put sand on her sisters back. sand pack? hehe

family pic (sandal pun family! lol)

love this pic the most!

ok time to go

bye bye beras basah!
after spending one hour there the boat brought us around the island and then it stopped somewhere in the middle of the sea for eagle feeding. The boatman dumped some chicken meat in the water and then waited for the eagles to come. the kids were very excited to see the eagles flying down low to grab the floating chicken. LL keeps pointing up to the sky mumbling duck duck (which means bird lol)

a little too late. the fact that the boat was moving also not helping me to get the perfect shot

so many eagles

our last stop for the day was Dayang Bunting lake , a few minutes ride from the eagle feeding location. There was a little hike from the jetty up to the lake , and you can see a lot of monkeys wandering around along the way (prolly eyeing for the visitors food. we were told not to bring or take out any food here coz the monkeys might steal it!)


you can swim here for free, theres a stall where you can rent life jackets if you cant swim (in my case cant float! lol) for rm 5 . the water was soo refreshing and cooling. i had to take turns with hubs coz layla was napping. we brought the kids arm floats along so ayra just used her floaties .

deep deep deepp .

a few visitors were quite impressed with ayra who was happily floating by herself without getting scared coz the lake is about 10m deep (if im not mistaken) .i was scared myself but i prefer not to think about it n just enjoy the fun haha.

after one hour plus we were taken back to the jetty and transfered back to the hotel.

we showered, solat and had some snacks before driving to kilim jetty for our Kilim mangrove tour around the famous geoforest park. we chartered a boat for ourselves so it was just the four of us. best! buat macam bot sendiri haha

Kilim Geoforest Park

the first stop was thebat cave , where you can walk into the cave and watch the sleeping bats up on the cave ceilings. you can rent a flashlight at rm1 , it is just a few minutes walk . ayra actually asked us to be quiet coz she was afraid that we might wake up the bats LOL.

rent a flashlight !

bat cave, sorry no bat picture! dont wanna disturb the bats with my flash hehe

mmg buat macam bot sendiri , tsk.

then we stopped by at the fish farm, where we were assigned one tour guide who showed us around the farm explaining about the fishes that are kept there.

the friendly stingray named johnny or something

the Horse shoe crab (belangkas)

ikan nyuknyuk (cant recall the name in english ) this fish was quite aggresive!

finally the archer fishes which can spit to catch their food! they can even jump ot of the water to catch their pray whoaa.

the boatman also showed us a site which was filmed for ombak rindu .so serene n peaceful . it was also a spot for eagle feeding . i tried to captured the eagles pic but they were too fast!

we also went through crocodile cave ( where they filmed a scene of farid kamil in lagenda budak setan -our boatman is quite a movie savvy haha semua dia tau)

i takes quite a pro to manuever such big boat to go through dat cave without bumping any rocks nearby .fuh respect mr boatman!

layla pengsan! im surprised ayra was still ‘alive’ at this point. lol

eagle feeding again, this time much better shot. but too far!

can you see the face-shaped rock on the left side?

shoe-shaped island

later on we just cruised along the river enjoying the gorgeous scenery of mothernature before returning back to the kilim jetty. layla all flat out on our way back . huhu

we then drove all the way to the airport to try the famous laksa power nearby

the laksa and rojak buah were good, but cendol was below par. but i was too hungry to be choosy n picky! makan semua lol

we wrapped our day watching a beautiful sunset at the beach not far from there and drove back to the hotel.

Day Three – Payar Island

the next morning, we woke up early again for a snorkeling trip at payar island. we took a ferry from kuah jetty , the trip took us about 1 hour plus . main activity there is snorkeling but since the kids are still small ,we had to take turns snorkelling around the area. the corals arent that bad , but i think kapalai (sipadan) is a lot more beautiful. you can see lots of fishes including baby sharks (!) up close, swimming just near the shores. There is no fresh water on the island , so we can only wash ourselves with collected seawater available in the toilets. the island is so reserved and beautiful masyaAllah we were enjoying ourselves to the fullest despite the scorching heat . burn baby burnnnn haha

sharks! but theyre friendly :D

layla -bi!bi! (fish)

hantu air

sharks lagi!

lunch provided. xsedap but anything can do. hihi

warning heaving contents – i for once forgot to bring along any swim diaper for LL during the whole trip so we had been letting her wearing her swimsuit without any protection (if u know what i mean lol) and couldnt be bothered much coz we had zero accident since.
i was also well awared that layla hadnt do her bussiness yet dat day (which she usually does early in the morning) so iwas a bit concerned (oh God, mother’s inctinct is always right) but we had so much fun on the island we totally forgot about it.

so during the lunch time where we were seated table to table with other group of visitors , when i was showing ayra the sharks from the deck, and layla was alone with papa having their lunch, suddenly she stood up n did number two right on the bench with other people around having their lunch !!!!!! this happened in split seconds the next thing i knew kerol was running with LL on his arms straight to the toilet leaving splats of sh*t all over the bench, his flipflops, and on the deck (some even fell down into the sea through the wooden deck 😭 i prayed hard the fishes ate them all or some snorkellers gonna wonder whats that brown ‘algae’ floating in the water )

can you imagine how was the reaction from the people who were having lunch around us?? i swear i feel like jumping into the sea n let the sharks eat my body out of shame. – unfortunately i had no choice but to calm down n clean up the ‘MESS’.

after tonnes of wet wipes n tissues used, the spot was squeaky clean again ( the only thing left was that ‘this-is-unbelievable’ look from some gals at the table across ampunnn)

i rushed to the toilet afterwards to see how kerol was doing but there he was my superhusband , standing there at the entrance all calmed down holding already cleaned Layla like nothing ever happened.
Suddenly out of nowhere a guy came to us (who’ve seen the whole accident) saying how impressed he was with kerols quick action handling the situation. in the end we just laughed ourselves relieved .

the deck where i was showing Ayra the sharks and on the left side is where we had lunch

this episode of ours is definitely gonna be in our family-book for generations HaHaha

after lunch , we spent a bit more time at the beach up till 3 pm-ish we rode the ferry home. everyone doze off as soon as we reached our seats . lol super tired!

late afternoon we drove around chenang beach area (which is a lot more happening than Kuah) and strolled along the deck area at perdana quay

ayra chasing layla around

sunset near perdana quay

that night we went to Wan Thai Restaurant in Kuah town for dinner. I would totally recommend this place if you love authentic thai food *thumbs up

Day Four – Telaga Tujuh and SkyCab

On our last day we checked out early and did some last minute chocs shopping before leaving Kuah for Mt Manchincang for our last water activity at Langkawi. i was really interested with aida’s entry about their wild swimming at Telaga Tujuh so by hook or by crook i had to squeeze it in our already jam-packed iterinary (our flight was on the same day ! gilos lol)

we stopped by a lookout point on our way to Matcinchang , which has quite a scenic view of Langkawi Airport from far

i had my mind all prepared for the fact that we have to hike a VERY steep hill to get to telaga tujuh (aida definitely mentioned this on her blog , tqvm) ayra was all excited about the waterfall idea so thats a good thing to begin with.

fast forward half way thru, all three of us were already pale-faced , short-breathed pushing our butts off climbing the neverending steps HAHA. emotionally prepared-yes, physically prepared – hell no! haha there was one time ayra requested to be carried along the way so my man-of-steel-hubby had to carry both kiddos (layla on ergo ) coz there is no way i can carry that 18kg gal along with few kg backpack. haha. but Ayra was sporting enuff when kerol later told her dat she needed to walk on her own coz papa is very tired ,and adik cannot walk by herself. so she got down and continue the climb up all the way to the top. clap clap! thats my gal!

after about 15-20 minutes later, there we were Telaga Tujuh! finally! there were a lot of matsalehs sunbathing at that time so we just dip ourselves as this one of the wells,

hitam legam semua after three days straight being exposed to the scorching sun!

but not long after that all of them went down the hill so practically we had the place for ourselves (and a few others )

layla trying to blow-kiss some foreigners . amboi

Ayra on the other hand was having a blast sliding down the waterfall i lost count how many times she did it .climb,slide.climb,slide -repeat.

warning. another heavy contents.
i also of course wanted to join the fun so as i was getting up to climb the rocks… i actually , literally RIPPED MY PANTS OFF!!!!! $#*($&*@#&*(@#&@* koyak dekat tengah pulak tuuuuu HAHAHAHA oh dear God kill me now. i had no choice but to laugh myself off for the fact that i couldnt stand coz a part of my thighs n butt panty was showing . there were a few other people around n some site worker (they were buiding new toilets for the area i presume) but i had yet to try the awesome slide! demmit whyla now. (actually its about time for the pants to turn me downn coz ive been wearing it as seluar mandi for the past 5 years since our babymoon while i was carrying Ayra hahaha. mmg la reput noks) man i should have just packed my swimming suits instead. *slaps forehead.

since i REALLY REALLY wanted to try the slide so i decided to scoot over the rocks myself slowly ( imagine dat! ) then slided down. it was awesome! worth my effort haha i actually did dat over n over coz it was too much fun regardless my discreetly exposed bum HAHA ok now i can die in peace.

at around noon we decided its time to go down so we bid farewell to telaga tujuh . there were some stalls at the base of the hill so we stopped by to drink some fresh cold coconut water . nothing like havig cold coconut drink under the hot sun!

such a bliss

later then we had some lunch at the loaf in perdana quay (not far from Mt. Matcinchang) before heading to the oriental village nearby to ride the skycab

petronas quay near perdana quay

unfortunately the skybridge was still under mantainance so we just spend some time at the top deck. Apparently kiddos were afraid of heights haha so we didnt stay for long up there (plus we have a plane to catch! lol)

upper deck

the longest cable car ride ive ever experienced. pegi snowboard pun tak tinggi mcm ni!

a family pic taken by pak arab on honeymoon :D

we hurried back to the airport later that evening before catching a plane back to kl.
such a wonderful yet happening vacation!
Goodbye Langkawi, see you again someday ( hopefully i dont have to wait for another 12years!)

p/s i will write another entry about the cost, details n contact infos for all the tours we took while we were there, stay tuned!

besties Weekend getaway : Maple Suite

I am so blessed to have a husband who is understanding and kind enough to let me have a girls day out, or weekend getaway with my gals once in a while. the first one was at our home when kerols was away for work in japan, then we went to colmar tropicale bukit tinggi and the next one was at thistle PD when i was pregnant with layla n amal with Alia :D

one year plus later, Alhamdulillah with the expanding number of our ‘gang’ (layla n alia lol) we plan for another gals weekend getaway. we have searched hi n low for the the cheapest hotel to accomodate all 6 of us around kl but most of them cost around 400plus. suddenly when i was browsing expedia i stumbled upon this interesting service apartment call The Maple Suite which located very near to the golden triangle at a very reasonable price rm350 for 1 apartment wth 2 rooms , fully furnished with kitchen , fridge oven n what not so we booked it straigtaway! (and big pool was also one of the requirement hehe)

the apartment was very spacious, as soon as we enter it really felt like home . the balcony has a good view of greens (which is quite rare considering its location :D.


master bedroom


2nd room


view from the balcony

kerol stayed for a while and we had some kfc for lunch, while waiting for the girls to arrive.

later when everybody was there, kerol went back to kajang leaving us girls gone wild! haha kidding kidding. Then we excitedly put on our swimsuits and to the pool we went!


see all she wanted to do was sipping the water, so cheeky this gal!


my lovely kakak

The pool was very clean (i hate hotel pool always dirty) and luckily nobody was using it so we had the pool just for ourselves shiok! i love the layout of the pool , all rectangle shape and kids pool located right next to adult pool so i can dip myself while the kiddos having fun in the kiddie pool (but not too long coz the brave LL (layla) tends to drink n dive all the time hahah)

that night after maghrib since everybody was starving we decided to walk to pavillion (walk! no expensive parking yahu) its been a while since the last time i ever walk in kl haha , surprisingly its quite clean (ehem tokwan) (maybe bcoz its a tourist area? i dunno but im glad . it was supposed to be a short distance but with 11kg baby on tow 100m will always felt like 1km *wipe sweat

but we really enjoyed the beautiful sight of klcc and kl tower at night while we strolled.


night stroll


cik wan – the most sporting baby ive ever met. so relax

We had some dinner and walked back to our place (coz the cab cost was espensive! )

the next day farah went for another dip , i just brought the kiddos to the play area and by 12 we check out and wait for papa to fetch us.


that morning. lol the socks!


big slide right next to the pool area

It was another great get-together trip girls. next : potluck at bukit tungku insyaAllah! cant waitt :D love ya~

*pic credit to Farah

Recap of 2012

2012 had been an amazing year as we had an addition in our family members  on late 2011. the arrival of layla pretty much summed up the the first half of 2012 :D. on the other hand , the second half of 2012 saw me going back to be a working mom.

so basicly from whats left in my memory is

in January, we organized a small bday party for Ayras 3d bday
in February, i was served bfast in bed for my birthday
in march  we went to tokyo as a family of four for the first time. and we had a blast!
in April __________________________ blank!
in May Layla started solids! omnomnom
in June Layla went spidey! crawl crawll crawlll
in July i went for few job interviews .
in August managed to  secure a job! Alhamdulillah and we also celebrated papas birthday
in September layla started to walk right before her 10month bday! weeee and i finally went back to the working world.
in October -teaching for the first time. found myself loving it!
in November we lost a dear friend whos also a loving husband and father, Al-Fatihah
and finally in December my family moved from putrajaya to bukit tungku. and we spent new years eve with the best view in KL waiting for fireworks (which i didnt watch coz i fall asleep waiting! )

it was a blessed year for us indeed, Alhamdulillah.
so long 2012, may 2013 brings barakah to our family insyaAllah,. amin

Farm in the city petting zoo

i still owe this blog A LOT of posts (including our japan trip on march) but they just have to wait. ampunn hardly have time to blog since i started working. yeap ur heard me right im currently back joining the rat race. i love beinga sahm, i really do. but i have my own reasons that i decided to get back to work. plz dont judge me ok hukhuk.

last weekend (or couple weeks ago forgot already) we went to Farm in the City , a petting zoo in Seri Kembangan. zoo kat seri kembangan whaa?? seriously guys, its in seri kembangan! just behind the big giant on your way to AEON equine. i stumbled upon the info of this zoo on the internet, in one of the groupon emails, i was like biar betull there a zoo near to our neighbourhood! googled about it , found their facebook page and reading the blog entries about the place made me itching to check this place out!

We arrived there around 10plus in the morning , there were hardly any crowd despite the fact that its still school holiday . the just opened the place on June this year so prolly not many people knows about the place (thas why imwritingan entryabout it so that u guys can go and they have more money to maintain the place and not getting closed down! hehe)

the fee was rm28 per adult and rm15 for kids (if im not mistaken) you can always ask on their facebook wall to confirm. :)

the first animal that we got to see and feed was a big tortoise , ayra was really excited to feed it with some kangkung given by the caretaker

are you hungry tortoise?

then we went thru an aviary where we get to feed the birds andsome ducks in the small pond.

a peacock blocking our way out. such a diva with an attitude!heheh

then we walked into an area of goats, deers, and kangaroo(!) wanderin around waiting to be fed. ayra all of sudden became uncomfotable with the goat smell and freaked out when one of the goats approached her .hahah so urbanlah this one!

layla on the other hand showed no fear at all , instead was very brave enuff to feed the gaoat and deer by herself! way to go adik!

the best family shot we had taken by the caretaker, nice composition, tq sir!

and the mommy and her #nakgak syndrome got all excited wanting to feed the supertall goat by herself only to get….


orz, the goat lost its balanced and had to land (felt more like a KICk!) one of its smelly foot on my shoulder (more like armpit ADOI!) lol n to make things worst hubby managed to snap ths precious moment of us with my face looking like …argh *pretend dead

thank God a group of family came by long after that unforgetful scene. *phew . we then continued our visit around the zoo and managed to cover all area by noon.

btw i would suggest for u to bring ur own food as the food n drinks inside are quite expensive. dont worry there a spot with lots of tables n chairs where you can slowly enjoy your bekal before continuing your activity there. :D dont forget to bring hats for the kids as it can be quite hot during a sunny afternoon.

rest area

rabbit feeding area

butterfly feeding area. sumi jelly!

hewoow pawwots!!

aww my puteri lilin all drenched up in sweats. penat betul nih

longkang fishing where you can catch small fishes using the net provided by the zoo ( dunno if you can keep the fishes or not)

but i have to admit the name longkang fishing is kinda awkwardly funny haha. btw there was a group of chinese kids came by fishing with us and one of their teacher whos sitting next to Ayra suddenly giving her instructions on how to catch the fish in chinese! lol

both kids was so tired and sweaty all over at the end of the day. overal it was a fun n exciting visit and we got to feed a lot of animals there (all animal food provided for free) We will definitely come back again someday! enjoy the rest of the pics! dont forget to check out the place for yourselves!